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    Grades K-5 Teacher Pages

    St. Francis de Sales Campus 

    Barb Trainor Kindergarten 1818  barb.trainor@sfamanitowoc.com
    Mary Hutchison  Kindergarten 1814  mary.hutchison@sfamanitowoc.com
    Joyce Junk  Kindergarten Aide    joyce.junk@sfamanitowoc.com
    Maureen Stelzer  Kindergarten Aide    maureen.stelzer@sfamanitowoc.com
    Mary Beth Blahnik  Grade 1A  1804  marybeth.blahnik@sfamanitowoc.com
    Marge Cohen  Grade 1B  1823  marge.cohen@sfamanitowoc.com
    Kathy Thomas Grade 2  1808  kathy.thomas@sfamanitowoc.com
    Jane Kaderabek  Grade 3A  1815  jane.kaderabek@sfamanitowoc.com
    Linda Brunmeier  Grade 3B and Lead Teacher  1806  linda.brunmeier@sfamanitowoc.com
    Kathy Ebert  Grade 4A  1809  kathy.ebert@sfamanitowoc.com
    Nancy Miller  Grade 4B  1817  nancy.miller@sfamanitowoc.com
    Sue Jirik  Grade 5A     sue.jirik@sfamanitowoc.com
    Marge Henrickson  Grade 5B  1812  marge.henrickson@sfamanitowoc.com
    Jean Hopka  Music and Band  1813  jean.hopka@sfamanitowoc.com
    Nathan Kaderabek  Physical Education and Health (Grades 4 & 5) 1307  nathan.kaderabek@sfamanitowoc.com
    Kathie Zutz Art 1319  kathie.zutz@sfamanitowoc.com
    Sr. Barbara Mathe  Guidance Counselor  1304  srbarbara.mathe@sfamanitowoc.com
    Joan Brefczynski Librarian 1314  joan.brefczynski@sfamanitowoc.com
    Mary Chermak  Library Aide    mary.chermak@sfamanitowoc.com
    Kathy Schuette  Teacher Aide  1824  kathy.schuette@sfamanitowoc.com
    Mary Roedell Computer Aide 1313  mary.roedell@sfamanitowoc.com
    Ann Ahola  Computer Aide  1802  ann.ahola@sfamanitowoc.com
    Brigitte Luedtke  Secretary  1301 brigitte.luedtke@sfamanitowoc.com

    St. Francis Xavier Campus   

    Kathy Pabian Kindergarten 1855  kathy.pabian@sfamanitowoc.com
    Gemma Ulness Grade 1


    Barb Rush Grade 2 1858  barb.rush@sfamanitowoc.com
    Carol Johnston Grade 3 1862  carol.johnston@sfamanitowoc.com
    Mary Sielski Grade 4 1863  mary.sielski@sfamanitowoc.com
    Sr. Elizabeth Ann Miller Grade 5 1857  srelizabethann.miller@sfamanitowoc.com
    Sr. Barbara Mathe Guidance 1402  srbarbara.mathe@sfamanitowoc.com
    Jean Hopka Music and Band 1851  jean.hopka@sfamanitowoc.com
    Kathie Zutz Art 1866  kathie.zutz@sfamanitowoc.com
    Nathan Kaderabek Physical Education and Health (Grades 4 & 5) 1853  nathan.kaderabek@sfamanitowoc.com
    Joan Brefczynski Librarian 1105  joan.b@sfamanitowoc.com
    Renee Kautzer Library Aide 1105   renee.kautzer@sfamanitowoc.com
    Dawn Jacobsen Computer Aide 1113   dawn.jacobsen@sfamanitowoc.com